Piche General Dentistry has been in downtown Traverse City for over 50 years. Dr. Don Piche started the practice in 1971 with his wife Jeanne. The legacy continued when their son, Dr. Peter Piche, joined the practice in 1995. After his father retired in 2002, Dr. Peter Piche brought on Dr. Olson as an associate in 2019. The practice has continued to grow rapidly over the years and we pride ourselves in putting the patient first. We like to focus on the entire system of the mouth which is composed of more than just teeth.


The Difference

We strive to focus on the oral system as a whole, not solely focusing on the teeth.

The mouth is an intricate system composed of muscles, ligaments, bones, tissues, and teeth all of which play a role in function and esthetics.

Safe Amalgam Removal- Member of IAOMT

We offer a safe option for removing and replacing metal amalgam fillings. These fillings contain mercury, which can have negative effects on your body. We have isolated suction to remove the metal efficiently, extra-oral vacuums to capture any plum in the air, and rubber dams available for the highest level of isolation.

Photo of Dentist examining a patient's teeth
Photo of Dentist examining a patient's teeth

Bioesthetic Dentistry or OBI

Bioesthetic Dentistry is a process that includes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning in order to obtain healthy and functional results for your chewing system that creates minimal wear and natural beauty.

One of the main problems that Bioesthetic Dentistry looks to solve is disharmony within the chewing system, such as tooth wear, by using our knowledge of the human chewing system to help our patients reach their optimal biologic form through a number of different treatment options.

Safety Precautions

Amidst this global crisis, our office takes pride in taking every measure possible to make visits safe for both our employees and our patients.

These Measures Include

Pre-Appointment Screening

We are screening every patient thoroughly prior to each and every appointment. After passing initial screening questions, patients will have their temperature taken and are asked to wear a mask while moving around the office. We are admitting and dismissing patients out of different doors and ensuring ample space between each patient

Negative Ion Generator

Our Nu-Calgon i-Wave unit is set up to run continuously within our air duct system. As it runs, ions are produced that attach themselves to particles in the air. This not only causes the particles to be captured more effectively by our filtration systems, but also results in the destruction of bacteria and viruses.

Extra-oral Suction

Our Healthy Air extra-oral suctions are designed to capture any aerosols generated during a procedure. The particles in the air are collected with a vacuum and are then run through a HEPA filter to remove any harmful products, bacteria, or viruses.

Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-rinse

This pre-rinse is done just before every appointment. It cleanses the mouth of any viruses or bacteria before initiating treatment.

BioSurf Surface Disinfectant

This product is being used to wipe down all equipment and surfaces after each appointment. BioSurf has been shown to be the most affective disinfectant on the market at this time.

Our Location

Please contact our office either during business hours to speak with our front desk staff, or after hours to leave a message. We are more than happy to help you and are always accepting new patients!

Photo of Piche and Olson Dentist's Office

Phone: 231-947-2716
Email: drppiche@gmail.com
Address: 335 E State St. Traverse City, MI 49684


Customer Reviews

I have been a patient of Dr. Piche's since moving to the area almost 30 years ago and have never taken the time to thank him for the excellent service and treatment I receive every time I visit the office. I wanted to take the time to commend Dr. Piche & Dr. Olson on their transition and practices since reopening post COVID. ``WOW`` my appointment was thoroughly explained 2 days prior to my arrival, I called from the parking lot and was given the go ahead to come in and met by Dr. Olson who managed my check in and immediately took me upstairs to see Dr. Piche. Checking out was the same, from the chair and I exited the side door. I was impressed with the protocol, the unbelievable cleanliness and the staff exhibited their usual bubbly, friendly and positive attitudes. Thank you to the entire team. I highly recommend this office and I do to all of my clients moving into town.

Molly Buttleman


Always there to care.

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